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2017 ASP Annual Awards Gala

A formal dinner and award presentation recognizing exceptional achievement in astronomy research, public outreach, and education was held in the San Francisco, Bay Area on October 28, 2017.

2017 Bruce Medal Winner

2017 Awards Gala – Bruce Medal Award Presentation

The prestigious Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal (awarded since 1898) for lifetime achievement in astronomy research was presented to Dr. Nick Scoville, a pioneer in millimeter-wave astronomy and a leading expert in studies of galaxy evolution, the nature of dense interstellar molecular gas in galaxies, and star formation.

Walker Family with Jonathan Holloway

The Walker Family and Jonathan Holloway who received the Walker Award for George R. Carruthers

The ceremony also featured the presentation of the second annual Arthur B.C. Walker II Award for outstanding achievement in astronomy, education, and mentorship by an African American scientist awarded to Dr. George Carruthers.

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2017 ASP Annual Awards Gala Photo Gallery