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2018 ASP Annual Awards Gala

A formal dinner and award presentation recognizing exceptional achievement in astronomy research, public outreach, and education was held in the San Francisco, Bay Area on November 10, 2018.

Tim Heckman with Bruce Medal

2018 Awards Gala – Bruce Medal Award Presentation to Tim Heckman

The prestigious Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal (awarded since 1898) for lifetime achievement in astronomy research was presented to Dr. Timothy Heckman whose work has focused on galaxy formation, active galactic nuclei, and the relationship between galactic evolution and the life cycle of the super massive black holes at their cores.

Andrew Fraknoi and Mary Marcussen

Andrew Fraknoi and Mary Marcussen who received the Fraknoi Supporter’s Award

The ceremony also featured the presentation of the Robert J.Trumpler Award to Dr. Benjamin J. (“BJ”) Fulton, a staff scientist at NExScI, whose landmark doctoral dissertation focused on the discovery and categorization of extrasolar planets, and in particular smaller planets between the sizes of Earth and Neptune.

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2018 ASP Annual Awards Gala Photo Gallery