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Eclipse 2017: Mercury Eclipse Articles and Columns

Mercury Articles

people in a stadium watching an eclipse

Run a 2017 Eclipse Event for Friends, Neighbors, and Profit
Today is not too early to start planning outreach for the August 2017 solar eclipse.
by Douglas Duncan
Mercury Summer 2015


eclipse over buildings

Centerline or Edge: Where to View a Total Solar Eclipse
The centerline or the edge of the path of totality? Both offer the same sights during an eclipse, but for different durations.
by Tom Van Flandern and Fred Espenak
Mercury Autumn 2015


tour bus reflected in building glass

Touring to Totality in 2017
Even if the eclipse is in your own back yard, joining a tour to totality in 2017 has certain benefits.
by Paul Deans
Mercury Spring 2016


Buddha statue overlooking valley

Reflections on a Journey to Totality
My trip to Indonesia gave me much more than a total eclipse of the Sun.
by Linda Shore
Mercury Summer 2016


solar eclipse

A Totality 2017 Eclipse Workshop
Selected excerpts from presentations at an American Astronomical Society Eclipse 2017 workshop held in June, 2016.
edited by Paul Deans
Mercury Summer 2016


Great American Eclipse map

The Eclipse, The Media, and Being Outside the Path
Don’t fret. Eclipse 2017 will ultimately be the media event of the season.
by Joe Rao
Mercury Summer 2016


Total Solar Eclipse

For Better or Worse: Reflections of an Eclipse-Chasing Family
Once you experience the rush of totality during a solar eclipse, you are forever trying to recapture it.
by Richard H. Durisen, Annamaria Mecca, and Michael V. M. Durisen
Mercury Autumn 2016


Image of globe with eclipse path

Eclipse Bulletin: Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 August 21
I regard this book as essential reading at any time prior to Eclipse 2017.
Review by Joe Rao
Mercury Autumn 2016



Making the Most of Limited Resources
You don’t need expensive equipment to enjoy the upcoming solar eclipse; even crackers can be useful.
by Michelle Nichols
Mercury Winter 2017



Party off the Path
Not everyone can journey to totality. Here are some suggestions for holding a partial eclipse event.
by Vivian White with Mike Reynolds
Mercury Winter 2017



Practice, Practice, Practice for a Perfect Solar Eclipse Event
Don’t try to do too much during a solar eclipse; you might miss out on the experience.
by Larry Metcalf
Mercury Winter 2017


The total solar eclipse of November 14, 2012, as seen from aboard the cruise ship Paul Gauguin in the South Pacific. This sequence runs from lower right to upper left. During the partial phases, the camera lens was covered by a safe solar filter. No filter was used during totality.

Solar Eclipse Eye Safety: Facts and Fallacies
It is perfectly safe to look at the totally eclipsed Sun, but caution is needed at all other times.
by Richard Tresch Fienberg
Mercury Spring 2017


Solar eclipse diamond ring

An Eclipse-Watcher’s Guide to a Total Eclipse of the Sun
What to expect, and look for, during the various stages of a total solar eclipse.
by Paul Deans
Mercury Summer 2017


total solar eclipse

Eclipse Chronicles
Seven tales from the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017.
by Various Authors
Mercury Autumn 2017

Mercury Columns

The Lure of Totality
After a lifetime of waiting, I will finally get to experience totality.
by Linda Shore
First Word, Mercury Summer 2015

Fostering Deep Understanding of Eclipses Through Modeling
The total solar eclipse of 2017 is a teachable moment on a grand scale.
by Brian Kruse
Education Matters, Mercury Summer 2015

The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017
In August 2017, a total solar eclipse will sweep across the continental United States.
by Paul Deans
Reaching Out, Mercury Summer 2015

Words Matter: Talking with the Public About the 2017 Eclipse
For nonastronomers, the August 21st solar eclipse is not about astronomy.
by Richard Tresch Fienberg
Societal Impact, Mercury Autumn 2015

In the Path of Totality
Traveling to totality can be a royal pain…except in 2017.
by Linda Shore
First Word, Mercury Summer 2016

Solar Eclipse 2017 and Citizen Science
Three projects aim to engage groups and individual observers in scientific data collection during the eclipse of 2017.
by Jennifer Birriel
Astronomer’s Notebook, Mercury Summer 2016

Eclipse 2017 Cartoons
The astronomical “cartoons” are illustrations depicting the phenomena of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.
by Jay Ryan
Reaching Out, Mercury Summer 2016

Public Libraries to Receive Solar Viewing Glasses
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation will fund eclipse resources for 1,500 public libraries.
Space Science Institute
Reaching Out, Mercury Winter 2017

A Solar Eclipse in a Western Town
On August 21st, hundreds of children in Council experienced the awe of a total solar eclipse.
by Linda Shore
First Word, Mercury Autumn 2017

Partial Eclipse, Total Outreach
Sometimes a celestial event can bring people together to reflect on the wonders of the universe.
by Bethany Cobb
Reaching Out, Mercury Autumn 2017