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Family ASTRO: Cosmic Decoders

The Cosmic Decoders Leader Kit is the fourth release in our series of family events and activities on topics in astronomy for Family ASTRO Event Leaders. It focuses on how astronomers “decode” light from space to learn about the universe and how we might decode radio waves from possible alien civilizations out there. The Cosmic Decoders Card Set (the corresponding Take-Home Activity) consists of a deck of 72 cards featuring beautiful color images of cosmic objects and some well-known telescopes. These can be used to play four different fun astronomical games.

Follow one or more of the links below for more information on the type of “cosmic decoding” you’re looking to do (note that Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmic Decoders can also be found by clicking on these links):

Learn More About the Cosmic Decoders Card Set

Learn More About Deep Space Objects and Cosmic Terms

Learn More About Telescopes

Learn More About SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) and the Kind of Messages We Might Send or Receive

All Family ASTRO materials can be ordered online through the ASP’s AstroShop. Click here to be taken directly to the AstroShop’s Family ASTRO page.

If you have questions about the Family ASTRO program in general, see our Frequently Asked Questions for Educators and Astronomers page, or our Frequently Asked Questions for Families and Friends page. You can also email us at: astro {at}