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Family ASTRO Leader Kits

What is a Family ASTRO Kit?

Our series of Leader Kits allow educators of all types* to lead fun and educational Astronomy Events for students, families, afterschool programs and clubs, youth groups, and community programs (e.g, boys’ and girls’ clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, park and recreation programs, etc.). Each Family ASTRO Leader Kit allows you to lead at least two 90-minute Astronomy Events, and you can repeat each event (for new participants) as many times as you like.

Getting started using our Leader Kits is easy. All Family ASTRO Leader Kits include a “Leader Guide” full of hands-on activities (with detailed instructions, suggested agendas, and masters for all handouts) that can be done with simple materials and are within the capacities of a wide range of families and children. A few necessary (but hard-to-find) activity materials are also included in each kit. And for those nervous about teaching astronomy, some astronomy background reading and other resources are provided too. Finally, with each Leader Kit purchase, you can also download our enhanced Leader Guides that include live links to all recommended web resources, and (if you have a high-speed internet connection), our online training videos. (For more guidelines and suggestions for setting up and leading events, including a downloadable copy of our “How-To-Manual” and tips on working with families, click here.)

For the ultimate Family ASTRO experience, optional Take-Home Activities (kits and games) can be purchased for your event participants for more exploration and fun at home. A sample copy of the corresponding Take-Home Activity is included with each Family ASTRO Leader Kit.

What Leader Kits are Available?

Each of our Family ASTRO Leader Kits focuses on a particular topic in astronomy. Follow the links below to view each kit’s contents and associated web site:

Night Sky Adventure is our step-by-step introduction to the night sky.

Race to the Planets helps you lead a hands-on tour of the solar system.

Moon Mission explores the intriguing legends & facts of Earth’s nearest neighbor.

Cosmic Decoders lets everyone involved become a “cosmic code breaker.”

Stars-Planets-Life is our supplemental guide to help enhance any astronomy event.

How Can I Get Copies of These Kits?

All Family ASTRO materials can be ordered online through the ASP’s AstroShop. Click here to be taken directly to the AstroShop’s Family ASTRO page. For those educators looking for more intensive Family ASTRO training, occasional hands-on workshops are available through our participating Regional Sites. To find out if there is a Regional Site near you, click here to view the Family ASTRO National Network.

If you have more questions about our Leader Kits and Astronomy Events, click here to be taken to our Frequently Asked Questions for Educators.

*Educators to date who have been trained to use Family ASTRO materials include classroom teachers, homeschool teachers, amateur and professional astronomers, volunteer college students, science/nature center and museum staff, librarians, afterschool providers, park and recreation staff, and youth group leaders (e.g., boys’ and girls’ clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, etc.). If you wondering if Family ASTRO is right for you, contact us at astro {at}