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Project ASTRO: Getting Involved

Whether you are an educator, astronomer, potential national site leader, donor, interested family member or just curious, getting involved in Project ASTRO™ usually starts by contacting the closest program site to your area. View the National Network map or check the list of the Project ASTRO National Network Sites to find the nearest site. The Project ASTRO National Staff & Office, located at the ASP in San Francisco, are also available to help you with any inquiry.

Individual Involvement for Educators and Astronomers

If you are an educator or astronomer interested in becoming a part of Project ASTRO™, or in using Project ASTRO materials, here are some ways you might get involved with us:

If you live near one of the Project ASTRO National Network Sites, contact the coordinator at your local site to get an application to be a Project ASTRO astronomer or educator. Partner training workshops are usually held in the summer, and if you are a teacher, typically administrative support from your school is required.

Learn More about Project ASTRO Educator-Astronomer Partnerships

If there is no Project ASTRO site near you, but you want to work with a local educator or astronomer to start a partnership similar to what we do in Project ASTRO, you can purchase the Project ASTRO How-to-Manual (which also explains how to find a partner). Also, the books of resources and activities we publish are available to the public through the ASP’s online store. While using these materials on your own is not as easy as using them after you have attended a Project ASTRO workshop, many astronomers and educators around the country have used our resources to establish successful partnerships on their own.

Other Ways to Get Involved

So You Want to Start a Project ASTRO Site? Click here if you and/or others at your institution (e.g., planetarium, science museum, university, etc.) are interested in starting a Project ASTRO™ site in your area.

Donating to Project ASTRO is a worthwhile cause and can be very rewarding!

Family ASTRO is a program at the ASP that is developing events and activities to share the excitement of hands-on astronomy with families.