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Project ASTRO How-To Manual Table of Contents

1. Introduction: What is Project ASTRO?
Project ASTRO Materials
About the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

2. Kids and Science: The Project ASTRO Philosophy
Being a Project ASTRO Partner: Suggested Approaches

3. Key Ideas About Partnerships
Ten Steps to a Successful Partnership
More About Communication
More About Time Committment

4. Finding a Partner
For Astronomers: Finding a Partner Teacher
How to approach school personnel
For Teachers: Finding a Partner Astronomer
About amateur astronomers

5. Partnership Strategies
Integrating the Astronomer into the School Program
Two main approaches
Partnering in the Classroom
Three scenarios: what would you do?

6. Starting your Partnership
Planning Guidelines
Planning Checklist
The First Visit
Ideas and icebreakers

7. Guidelines for Teachers
Roles and Responsibilities
Tips for Teachers
Professional vs. amateur astronomers

8. Guidelines for Astronomers
Roles and Responsibilities
Reaching Teachers
Tips for Astronomers
Teaching Tips for Astronomers
How to be effective in the classroom

9. Involving Families, Community and the School
Getting the School Involved
Linking with Outside Resources
Involving families and the Community in Project ASTRO

10. Ideas for Support and Publicity
Getting Administrator or Employer Support
Getting Publicity

11. Special Events and Good Ideas
Star Parties
Forming a School Astronomy Club
Using Telecommunications and Astronomy Software