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ASP Board Nominations

Dear Members of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific,

On behalf of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), the Board of Directors is soliciting your help on a vital matter.

To help ensure the continued success of ASP, the Board is requesting nominees who reflect our membership and also provide the breadth of skills and experience for an effective Board. We need astronomy advocates from various backgrounds including (but not limited to):

  • Professional research astronomers
  • Amateur astronomers (including astrophotographers and people participating in research)
  • Educators and public outreach individuals (including formal professional educators such as K-12 teachers and university professors, and volunteers including docents and amateurs involved in public astronomy events)
  • People who have expertise in business, including financial management, organization management, contracts and legal experience.
  • Individuals with experience raising money from philanthropic communities (such as foundations, individuals and corporations), as well as individuals who may be able to provide significant financial support.
  • Marketing and communication professionals, specifically with experience expanding an organization “brand” and visibility (including utilizing social media).

These are the skills the ASP Board of Directors sees as necessary to help ensure the success of ASP. A vital step in making that possible is for ASP members to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors.

To nominate a candidate, please fill out the form in the file labeled “ASP Director Nomination Form” and attach a copy of the nominee’s resume or CV (2-3 pages). Email both to by July 31, 2016. Please note that an ASP member may submit one Director nomination per year.


Gordon Myers, ASP Chair of the Nominations Committee

Connie Walker, ASP Board President