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ASP Strategic Impacts

Strategic Impacts: Project ASTRO

Some 3,000 teacher/astronomer teams trained to provide hands-on astronomy lessons to an estimated 350,000 school children at sites around the country.

“I was one of these children. I didn’’t know a whole world existed outside of my neighborhood. And I didn’’t know I was entitled to it either. You have to learn that from somebody else. And, once you learn that there’’s another world out there and you’’re entitled to it — —that makes the difference.”
— Project ASTRO Teacher

Strategic Impacts: Night Sky Network (NSN)

A network of 425 astronomy clubs provided training and materials to enhance their public astronomy outreach events — —logging 23,000 events reaching 2.4 million people to date.

“With the support from the ASP/NSN I can not only share nice views but do quality education too.”
— Richard S.

Strategic Impacts: Astronomy From the Ground Up (AFGU)

Serving 975 informal educators to increase astronomy education capacity at 700 museums, nature centers and national parks serving an estimated annual audience of 117 million.

“Riverbend would not have brought astronomy programs to so many people without AFGU’’s training and support.”
— Karen S., Riverbend Park, VA

Strategic Impacts: Publications

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific has published 910 issues over 124 years.

The ASP Conference Series has published 467 volumes to date; web site visited in 2012 by 100,000 visitors from 156 countries.