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Partner with the ASP

The ASP Mission

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is an international non-profit scientific and educational organization, founded in 1889, that works to increase understanding and appreciation of astronomy:

  • by uniting the interests and expertise of astronomers, educators, and astronomy enthusiasts;
  • by providing resources and tools to assist educators at all levels;
  • by recognizing and honoring extraordinary contributions to astronomy and astronomy education;
  • by disseminating the results of astronomical research to the astronomical community; and
  • by communicating the excitement of astronomy to educators and the general public.

Educational Programs We’’ve Developed to Accomplish that Mission

  • Our popular Catalog of Educational Materials goes to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.
  • The Universe in the Classroom is our web-based teacher’s’ newsletter. It features background articles, hands-on activities and resource lists.
  • Our Universe in the Classroom Workshops, part of the Society’’s Annual Meeting each summer, are attended annually by 200 teachers from around the country.
  • ASP Annual Meetings have public lectures and exhibits, highlighting recent astronomical discoveries.
  • The Cosmos in the Classroom Symposia, offered at ASP meetings every 2-3 years, brings together 100-200 instructors to discuss techniques for teaching introductory college astronomy to non-science majors.
  • Mercury, the ASP’’s membership magazine, is a popular level magazine which features an eclectic collection of articles on astronomical discovery, history, education, and the relationship of astronomy to many other areas of human culture.
  • Project ASTRO trains and links astronomers with 4th-9th grade teachers in their communities. Partnerships are on-going in regional sites around the country.
  • Family ASTRO is a new program to develop hands-on astronomy kits and events for families on many astronomical topics
  • The Universe at Your Fingertips is a DVD-ROM resource guide for 4th-12th grade teachers and the astronomers who work with them.
  • The ASP web site contains teaching and learning resources and ways to enjoy astronomy.

Put our mission and all our experience to work for you.


  • Work with us to develop activities for the classroom
  • Co-host a teacher workshop or some public lectures with the ASP, either at ASP meetings or at your location
  • Co-publish materials with the ASP and distribute them jointly
  • Become a Project ASTRO or Family ASTRO site


  • We will review activities developed by you for 3rd-12th grade students
  • Our national network of Project ASTRO teachers will test and evaluate those activities

Dissemination via

  • Project ASTRO network
  • ASP’’s network of community and small college instructors
  • Teacher’s’ workshops
  • ASP website
  • ASP meetings and conferences



  • Learn how to work effectively with teachers in your area by attending a Project ASTRO training workshop at one of our regional ASTRO sites
  • Learn what other groups are doing to work with teachers by participating in summer ASP workshops
  • Have us put on a special workshop for teachers or scientists in your area

To talk about how we can work together call or write:

Greg Schultz
Director of Education
390 Ashton Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112
gschultz {at}
phone 415-715-1425

Partial list of past and ongoing partners:

The American Astronomical Society
The Astronomical League
Astronomy Magazine
The Boston Museum of Science
The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
The Lawrence Hall of Science
The Pacific Science Center
NASA’’s Education Division
NASA’’s Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA’’s Office of Space Science
The International Planetarium Society
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Sky & Telescope magazine
The SETI Institute
The University of Washington Astronomy Department
GLOBE at Night