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About Universe in the Classroom

The Universe in the Classroom is an electronic educational newsletter for teachers and other educators who want to help children of all ages learn more about the wonders of the universe through astronomy.

Don’t be afraid to get a little star dust in your eyes! Each issue is designed for teachers who want to learn more about astronomy themselves and to bring more astronomy into their classrooms. You’ll find information on a topic of current astronomical interest, along with hands-on classroom activities to make the topic come alive for students. Each issue also contains resource links to take you deeper into a subject if you want to dive in and explore a topic more thoroughly. The newsletter is posted in a printer friendly version as well as a PDF document to make it simple to take right into the classroom.

The Universe in the Classroom has been helping teachers around the world bring astronomy alive for their students since 1984 and is currently downloaded and read by thousands of educators around the world. The ASP is now able to revitalize the newsletter and publicize and distribute it around the world. This expansion is made possible by a generous gift from well-known astronomy educator Dr. Donat Wentzel and from other ASP members.

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You can also help teachers all over the world bring astronomy to their students buy writing an article, translating the newsletter, distributing it in your part of the world or making a donation. Visit the “How You Can Help” section to get started.