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ASP Conference Series Volumes Ordering Information

E-Access Articles & Books (no print volume included)

Visit the E-Books website to purchase. No printed volumes are included with these online access purchases.

Individual Purchases

Order Conference Series Volumes Online

Note: ASP members who order online must first create a new MyASP account and then log in to get your discount. Orders placed online will be charged AstroShop shipping fees.

Order by Fax or by Mail

Note: Orders placed by fax or mail must use shipping fees from the AstroShop.

ASP Monographs

For more information about ASP Monographs, go to (electronic edition) or visit the AstroShop (print + electronic copies).


All individual orders (not including meeting attendee, Standing Orders and resale orders) placed online or by fax/mail, pay AstroShop shipping fees. International orders must be placed by fax/mail. Please visit the AstroShop for contact information, shipping prices and estimated delivery time.

Institutional Subscriptions & Book Resellers

Current pricing and shipping options.

Request a Quotation

Contact service {at} for a quotation. Please include volume numbers and ship to address for quotation.