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AstroBeat and ASP Insider

(formerly Astronomy Beat)

Exclusive ASP Membership Benefit

Starting May 2017 AstroBeat, our digital article written by “insiders” from the worlds of astronomy research and outreach will be distributed every other month.

Beginning with the February 2018 issue, the name of the ASP eNewsletter has changed from AstroBeat: Inside the ASP to ASP Insider to eliminate any confusion with our Member-only benefit AstroBeat.

ASP Insider is sent to our members and friends six times per year so we can share information about our work, upcoming event opportunities, such as our Annual Meeting, and inside information about collaborations and partnerships.

ASP members can access AstroBeat and ASP Insider through the ASP’s online MyASP Portal.

Non-ASP members – sign up for our free bi-monthly eNewsletter ASP Insider

Not an ASP member but our ASP Insider articles interest you?

Take a sneak peak at some of our ASP Inside articles to see what the newsletter is like.

Nancy Roman: An Astronomer’s Life
by Nancy Grace Roman

Celebrating Diversity: The ASP’s Arthur B.C. Walker II Award
by Linda Shore

The Discovery of Pluto
by Clyde Tombaugh

The Discovery of the First Gravitational Lenses
by Ray Weymann

Origins of the Drake Equation
by Frank Drake and Dava Sobel

Stargazing Centaurs: The Astronomy of Harry Potter
by Kristine Larsen

And the Sun Stood Still: Dramatizing Copernicus
by Dava Sobel

How to Catch a Moon or Two of Pluto
by Mark R. Showalter