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2017 Eclipse Megamovie

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is proud to have been a partner in the “Megamovie” Project – a collaborative project between Google and the Multiverse Team at UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory.

The Eclipse Megamovie Project is gathering images of the 2017 total solar eclipse from over 1,000 volunteer photographers and amateur astronomers, as well as many more members of the general public. These photos will be stitched together to create an expanded and continuous view of the total eclipse as it crossed the United States. The resulting dataset will be open to the scientific community and general public for future research.

2017 Eclipse Megamovie

In progress, check the Eclipse Megamovie website for updated content.

 Chasing Totality: Making the 2017 Eclipse Megamovie

More information can be found on the Eclipse Megamovie website.