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ASP Executive Director, Linda Shore, on NASA TV for Press Briefing

Linda Shore, ASP’s executive director, was one of six scientists on a panel for a nationally broadcasted press briefing on June 21, in preparation for the August 21 Solar Eclipse.

After giving a little history at the briefing about the founding of the ASP in conjunction with the 1889 solar eclipse, Shore spoke of the ASP’s work of preparing for the upcoming eclipse through our programs, kits, and products. She also demonstrated, using the ASP-created Yardstick Eclipse Activity, how an eclipse works and options for safely viewing the eclipse.

At the press briefing Shore expressed how important this eclipse will be. “There are many, many, many millions of people who are not going to get to the path of totality because of time, because of money, lack of resources, transportation,” Shore said. But “the eclipse is going to be just as magical for them.”

“Astronomy is a very democratic science. The same laboratory that arches over the sky for scientists is the same sky that is available to everybody.”

The two-hour press briefing will be re-aired from 8 a.m to 10am (Eastern Time) and from 5pm to 7pm (Eastern Time) on Saturday, June 24 and also from 1 p.m – 3pm (Eastern Time) Sunday, June 25 on all NASA Channels.

NASA TV and CBS News article.