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Help create the Eclipse Megamovie!

In partnership with Google, UC Berkeley, and seven other organizations, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) is helping to create the Eclipse Megamovie 2017!


This first-of-its-kind project will gather images and video of the 2017 North American Solar Eclipse from over 1,000 volunteer photographers, amateur astronomers, and the public along the path of totality following the Moon’s shadow in 93 minutes. These real-time images will be stitched together to create a high definition, time-expanded video of the total solar eclipse.

The ASP is recruiting and training skilled photographers, so if you wish to participate, SIGN IN to apply! Once you qualify, you receive a pin to designate your status at the eclipse and will be included in the credits of the Megamovie.

Basic equipment necessary for participating in the project:

  • Camera: DSLR (digital single lens reflex)
  • Telephoto or zoom lens: minimum focal length of 300mm
  • A stable and level tripod
  • Ability to identify the GPS coordinates and time to the nearest second

The ASP Megamovie Team
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
megamovie {at}

Eclipse Photo by Takeshi Kuboki, CC BY 2.0